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10 Most Popular Trends in College Sports T-Shirts

A T-shirt is not just a part of the casual evening clothing. Sometimes, T-shirts are considered as a part of stylish clothing and are regarded as trend setters. However, when it comes to sports T-shirts, they are much more than just a fashionable piece of clothing as they are an essential part of the on-field uniform of a sportsperson.


Gone are those days when sportswear was all about wearing slouchy T-shirts, a pair of loose track pants and cool caps. Lately, the definition of sports fashion has changed dramatically and designers are coming up with trendy sports T-shirts having minimal silhouettes and cleaner lines. While the current designers replicating nearly every sport uniform, there are some others who like experimenting with colors, materials, styles, and graphics to set up a new trend.

With the everyday increasing popularity of games like baseball, football, hockey and basketball, sports T-shirts have become an unavoidable part of the attire. Moreover, during the major tournaments, sports fans go crazy while cheering for their favorite teams and often support them by wearing the team or player specific jerseys and T-shirts at matches.
With the modern day kinds ranging from loose to restricted, cropped to extended and just about everything in between, the trends of college sports T-shirts have become extremely diverse with time.

The Bright Colored Game

By far, the most popular trend in the world of college sports T-shirts is playing with bright colors. The classic, Black and White pair, and other traditional pairs are no longer in the game. It’s the time to carry yourself in bright colored sports apparel, with special highlights of red, blue, orange, green and yellow hues.

Printed Tees

As far as prints and graphics are concerned, the trend was never out of fashion and is never going to be in the near future. College sports T-shirts can house the university logo, name and number of a player, the sports teams’ catch line or anything related to the college sports.

Retro Club Tees

The Old-School team sports T-shirts are still worth spending the heavy bucks they come for. These tees might feature the logo of a vintage sports team or the name and number of a sports veteran, and are a perfect way to show your love towards the timeless pride of the team or player featuring on your T-shirt.

Striped Polo T-Shirts

Polo T-shirts have always been considered as the next best alternative to on-field sportswear and are ideal for light training and day-to-day activities. With stripes being the call of the day, getting dual-shade striped polo t-shirts, with the college name or logo at the front, back, or on the sleeve, can make you look different from others.

Short Sleeve, Crew Neck Training Tees

It’s time to swap your loose old training top with a tailored fit short sleeve and crew neck training tee made from innovative fabrics. Manufactured by some major sports apparel manufacturers, these tees draw extra moisture from the skin and speed up sweat evaporation, thereby providing you a breezy feel when training.

Rib Crew Neck Long-Sleeve T-Shirts

The long-sleeve rib crew necks T-shirts, made from soft cotton blend material, are a perfect addition to your sports kit. Ideal for runners, these t-shirts can feature your college logo, the manufacturer’s logo, the name of your favorite sportsperson, or the emblem of your favorite game.

Football Squad Trainer Pair

Made from sweat-wicking material and widened mesh panels, the squad training T-shirt of your favorite football club or team is an ideal wear for your college sports training session. A perfect combination of comfort and club pride, these trainer T-shirts are a perfect addition to your sports wardrobe.

Hang Loose MLB Jerseys

Long and loose fitting half or full sleeve MLB jerseys are always an ongoing trend among the young, college going generation. Apart from the MLB players, several hip-hop rappers are seen wearing these loose-fitting t-shirts. So, add one to your wardrobe and find a perfect occasion to wear it.

NBA Replica Tank Tops

Since the premium jerseys are not within the budget of almost every college going student, purchasing replica tank tops serves as the best option. If you are a basketball enthusiast or a player, you can choose to purchase a replica tank top and flaunt your favorite team or player while training.

NCAA Alumni Special

If you have been a part of your college football team, NCAA Alumni special t-shirts are perfect for you to display your respect and devotion towards your college. Available for almost every college football team and in a wide range of colors, designs, styles, and sizes, you can always find an ideal match to your needs and wants.

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