302designs’ Sample Organic Tee in Action

This tee called Passion, an artistic tees with tiger head illustration and slogan “Passion is the Fuel of the Heart” from 302designs. The 100% organic cotton tee feel very cozy to wear, despite a little bit pricey — just $36 actually, it’s a T-shirt I want to pay for.

302designs is clothing company that focuses on creating positive attitudes by taking advantage of its artsy, poetic tee shirts collection. That’s what I found when the first time I visited its website. Beyond that, 302designs is mature globalstudies.org.uk/buy-cialis/ clothing with so many features offered; from T-shirt design contest to career opportunities (for freelancer) and a chance for its loyal customers to collaborate with its creative team.

Don’t miss tomorrow’s posting, I have prepared a summarized interview with David Walker from 302 Designs. We talked specifically about 302’s point system and how customers can be involved in T-shirt production process

#what about other eco-friendly T-shirts? Try out this brand:



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