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Interview, 302designs on Customers’ Point System

As I said yesterday, I’ll have a small talk with David H Walker, marketing director of 302Designs. It’s basically about customers’ point system which defined as “a system implemented by 302designs to help customers and friends be rewarded for helping spread the 302 spirit.” Not really a new idea actually but, rarely seen used by online shop. To cut the crap, here they go:

Rangga: I thought customer point system only works for grocery store where people shop in daily basis. What make you think it also works for online tee shop like 302Designs?
David H Walker: Because our clothing appeals to a very specific type of person we actually get a relatively high number of repeat customer purchases due to their satisfaction of our products and also the length we go to ensure they realize how important they are to us. We wanted to find a way to involve these customers in the company more.

So far, How does this program help your customer “spend more money” on 302 T-shirts?
The system has worked well so far. The most interesting thing we’ve found is that people are most excited about the prospect of contributing to the design process, rather than simply receiving a free t-shirt. This is really great, simply because involving other people in the design process makes the creation process so much more open and organic of an experience for everyone involved.

One of the reward is a chance to collaborate with your design team (sounds cool!), what we can contribute to the team actually?
We will have our artists work up a number of designs that fit the 302 style, and then ask the participant to suggest changes/additions that can be made to the shirt. This would include size of the design, positioning on the shirt, colors, and elements of the design as well as phrase. They will have a strong say in whether or not the shirt is approved for release. Think of it as a combination of a guest t-shirt critic & designer. No art experience needed, just passionate vision and a strong opinion. There really are no limits to ways they be involved. The more involvement there is, the more exciting it is for all of us.

Lastly, (not related to questions above) what are 302 plans in the near future? Will be there any new T-shirt, sale off, or some features?
We’re currently looking to expand in ways more than just releasing new t-shirts. In addition to releasing a new collection of shirts within in the next month or so, we’re looking for ways to elaborate on the experiential side of 302. We’ve recently launched a new blog, featured a musician (currently featuring hip-hoper Franco B), and are in the works to launch the 302gallery, a section created to feature the poetry and artwork of positive-minded artists and poets around the world. We’re trying hard to show the world that we’re more than just a t-shirt company, but a network of support for individuals passionate about life. As far as regular sales and promotions, they are all announced through our 302friends newsletter.

— End of conversation —
302designs is a three full-time strengths small company, along with an eight person freelance team of artists, poets and writers. Much happening on there and I’m really excited about its growth. Read my previous preview on 302designs or skip for its online shop.

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  • Dave - 26/09/07 - Reply

    if anyone has ideas for improving the points concept…reward ideas, etc, I'm open to suggestions.

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