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I Know Things Rick Astley Will and Will Never Do. My T-shirt is Telling You

There is a message in every song, sometime they’re so powerful that you can’t stop thinking about it even after years you heard it for the first time. It’s so true, especially if it was sang by Rick Astley who did the famous “RickRolling”. You thought at first the lyric was fun, easy and yet romantic. But wait for 20 years and heard again the song — you’ll realize how tricky the lyric was. Can you remember how many time Rick Astley Said “I’ll never…” on “Never Gonna GiveYou Up” song? You know, when a guy promises too much to his girl, it means the other way round. And that what Rick was trying to say on his song.
I just realized it when I saw Shirts Taste Good‘s Things Rick Astley Will Never Do T-shirt ($14.95). If this tee was created 20 years a go, I would wore it and did the RickRolling dance on the party. But still, this tee still makes a hilarious apparel for any casual occasion.
*forget how to do the RickRolling-moves, perhaps this video can help you to remember




  • James B. - 13/07/09 - Reply

    OMG, Rick Astley and his rickrolling move, who can forget this video!?

  • Jane - 13/07/09 - Reply

    my bf sent me these words couple weeks ago, must be copying rick's words lol

  • fake Ricky Astley - 13/07/09 - Reply

    nice T-shirt, please send royalty fee to my bank a/c

  • Rangga - 13/07/09 - Reply

    it's Rick (not Ricky) lol

  • arlinda - 16/07/09 - Reply

    remember rick rolling prank? haha

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