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Mecha-Labaw, a Buffalo That Win DBH $10K T-shirt Design Competition

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Here’s the lates update from one of the biggest yearly T-shirt compatition, The Design By Humans 10K. It has just come to a close, claiming csj89 and his design Mecha-Labaw as the big winner of the $10,000 prize… Hoorrayy!

Mecha-Labaw (odd name, huh?) was inspired by Carabao (or Kalabaw), a water buffalo often used by farmers in agricultural country, Philipines — an animal which has been long considered as a national symbol. Interesting story is not the only clue that help this design win the prize; it’s its intricate, vectored detail and huge print, collected the most votes of all the top four designs.

IBut csj89 wasn’t the only finalist to walk away with a big prize- 2nd place, 3rd place, 4th place, and 5th place were also printed, each earning their designers a print and a nice pay check.

Indeed, these designs are not to be missed: CollisionTheory claimed second place with Twilight Rain, a colorful riff on nature. Third place went to TangYauHoong and his design Journey to the City of No Horizon, which paints a picture of a a city cleft in two by a river made of sky. Gloopz’s SOS Strawberry Flavor (this one was my favorite out of all designs!) nabbed 4th with its unique mix of style and laid-back humor. And in fifth place was the distinctive Umibozu by thestray, a spooky seascape based on Japanese folklore. See them all only on Design by Humans!



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