Little Black Kitty is Lost, This T-shirt will Help Find Him

academy for the gifted funny hilarious tee t-shirt lost cat animal apparel clothing UK

Our little black kitty is lost. Word (we heard) is that a giant killer bird ate him. But we’re not sure yet. A number of people have seen a gigantic bird chasing down cats all over the planet. We started hanging out Have You Seen My Kitty posters on various spots where our kitty loves to go. Unfortunately no result. The world is holding its breath. More kitties are being reported lost as we speak. We decided to take action ourselves…

T-shirts inspired by lost cat? Well, I’m not surprised. There are indeed some people who already done that out of frustration — especially when posting posters on the streets, making announcement on local radio, checking on “lost & found” center and animal controls, calling police and FBI, investigate your neighbors and starting a blog for the lost cat don’t give a satisfying result.

men Birdhunter academy for the gifted funny hilarious tee t-shirt lost cat animal apparel clothing UK-1Have u seen my kitty? is one of the tees (€34.90) by Academy for the Gifted (AFTG), rolled out under the latest Autumn/Winter 09 t-shirt collection. The tee is about hunting down that killer bird who abducted our kitty and to party and have fun whenever your hunting gear is left in the booth — and to make it serious, they even created the Birdhunter tee shirt (€34.90)!  The guys at AFTG had a guerilla campaign which let people contact them in order to give them hints and tips about the whereabouts of our kitty or bird.

The good news is anyone who rang or text us will receive a free t-shirt… Why not?

Meanwhile… The “searching” video


  • Patrick - 29/09/09 - Reply

    That video is hilarious. Plus, those guys have some really cool shirts.

    Also, nice redesign to the site! It seems everyone it redoing there blog.

    • rangga - 01/10/09 - Reply

      cannot agree more with you! :D

  • acting classes in los angeles - 07/01/12 - Reply

    Awww, cute!  What a good idea.  Hope they found the kitty.  Lol

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