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T-Shirt Blogs Round Up: Halloween Tees, How to Recycle Your T-sirts, NIWL’s Dead, and More

Blake is a contributing blogger from You Design It, a company that specializes in custom t-shirt printing. This post has been edited by Rangga.

It’s that time again where we scour the t-shirt blogosphere for the articles that we think deserve a second look. Hopefully for some of you, it will be the first time you have seen them. For the ones you have seen before, take another look….there’s inspiration in these posts:

  • tee zombie bros halloween t-shirt apparel monster101 October T-Shirts (Halloween, Monsters, Zombies and Ghouls) by Coty Gonzales
    Lists are great, especially when they are 101 items long. With Halloween coming up, this is one t-shirt list that you have to see. Coty goes all out when he creates a list and this is a great example.
  • Threadless and Tate Modern Museum by Color Overload
    Threadless has teamed up with a major art museum out of the UK, Tate Modern Museum. This means good/big things for all the t-shirt designers out there. This is one contest that you don’t want to miss.
  • how-to-recycle-your-t-shirt- craft crafting tee knit art fashion How To Recycle Your Old T-Shirts from Hide Your Arms
    We all have too many t-shirts in our closets. Wait, can you really have too many t-shirts? Either way, here’s a great article on what you can do with your t-shirts when it’s time for them to retire.
  • To Share or Not to Share, That is the Question by Freelance Switch
    This blog post from Freelance Switch is not solely focused on t-shirts. In fact, it doesn’t mention T-shirts at all. The reason I included it though is because it has an overabundance of information that we all can learn from in the t-shirt industry. We’ve all had questions related to copyrights, and this is a great resource for answers.
  • johnny cupcakes inc 500 tee t-shirt apparel clothing men streetwearJohnny Cupcakes Makes the Inc. 500 List via The T Addict
    Yes, you read that title right. Johnny Cupcakes made in the Inc. 500 with over $3 million in revenue in 2008. As many of you know, Johnny cupcakes started out as a small indie t-shirt brand like many featured on Cottonable. Very inspiring stuff here!
  • Weekly Feature – Rise Laboratories via Pop Culture Tees
    This is a great little interview by the Pop Culture crew with newly launched Rise Laboratories. The Rise website is fantastic and the shirts don’t disappoint either.
  • Goodbye by Never In Wonderland
    Never In Wonderland recently announced that they are shutting down. This was a great brand that received a lot of traction. It is sad to see them go, but we wish them the best of luck in the future.
  • shirtfight streetwear tee apparel men artisticShirt Fight Over But Not Out from The T-Shirt Review
    Rude Retro covers the transition of Shirt Fight as they go from a design competition to a clothing line. See his thoughts and see what conclusion you come to.
  • The Three Wolf Moon Goes Primetime by Me :) at Thunderfrogs
    Thunderfrogs has been chronicling the story about the Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt for quite some time. It has been a top-ten selling apparel item at Amazon and now has even made it on the hit TV sitcom The Office. Read more about it at Thunderfrogs.
  • Rangga’s comment: read also my take on this funny tee




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