Black Friday Special: Because Panda is Also Sweet

Spotted in a supermarket, in downtown Chicago, U.S.A. On a rack full of candy, Tom Bennett was admiring the huge amount of them. And at the same time, there’s Panda Express nearby. And POP! Panda dan candy goes together and become Pandy. Pandy Cane, cute name isn’t it? 

Yes yes yes! Cute name also cute tees they have. Pandy the Panda always seen in every tees design. I like the Sketchy Sketchy tee shirt (£7.00). I think a lot people agreed with me because it has sold out. But you should see the newest one they have, Star Paws tee shirt (£15.00 – on sale), the pandas are battling out — Star Wars alike — on big movie screen! This shirt is printed on American Apparel and is available in unisex shirts. Available in XS and XL. Ohohoho, you should hurry adding them in your cart before they stock up. Ah, wonderful Greg Abbot as a designer.

Wait, this is the info will make you smile, you can get 10% off with discount code “cottonable“! And all tees come in custom hand screen printed boxes, a custom packaging, CDs, posters, stickers and of course sweets! Because, when Tom buy something, he likes all the little extras. And he, like we all, love free stuffs. Yeah!



15 comments on “Black Friday Special: Because Panda is Also Sweet”

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  3. please, re-upload this ??? thanks !! xoxo

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