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Grow Your Mustache and Do High Five in the Sky

mustache tee shirt funny astronout astro boy men movember hilarious funny joke clothing zazzleIt’s November and it’s Movember! C’mon guys, show some respect to our fellow brothers. Movember movement is made to show that we care with our own men’s health. Lot of diseases are coming nowadays. Men’s cancer is something you need to frighten of. It hasn’t been curable yet and the scientists need lot of money to support the research.

To show that you care enough, you only need to do a simple task . Grow your mustache for a month. Yes, that’s it, not more or less! But if you want to do some more, why not use yourself as a moving campaign? Wear a mustache-movember related t-shirt and show the world that this campaign does exist!

One nice t-shirt about this campaign is made by Zazzle. Entitled as Moustache High Five! Shirts ($27.45 — design by Jim Gibbons), it pictures two astronauts who are growing mustache and doing high five in the sky. I know it’s ridiculous, but hey even astronauts want to give their share with their own unique way! The basic color is yellow, but you have option to choose other color that suits you better. By buying this t-shirt, you directly donate for combating men’s cancer.

Enjoy $5 discount that applies to any number of sheets of twenty Zazzle Custom Stamps with a denomination of 44 cents. Enter promo code ZAZZLESTAMPS at checkout to receive discount. Offer is valid from November 23, 2009 through November 26, 2009 at 11:59pm PT.




  • Funny T-shirts - 03/12/09 - Reply

    Moustache t-shirts are always a nice t-shirt to sell and to wear, jsut like this funny tshirt =)

  • watch movies - 03/12/09 - Reply

    ya this look have good and likes a youngest look..

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