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This T-shirt Contains Recipes to be a Multiplayer-Game God

Most of men love game, who doesn’t? From the old Nintendo era until nowadays with XBOX360, Nintendo Wii, and PlayStation 3. Wait, I forget to add PC games! Current trend revealed that multiplayer (online) games have dominated boy’s life. World of Warcraft anyone? The game is so massive that even if you are big shot in your neighborhood, most likely you won’t stand a chance against champions out there? Do you want to know their recipes?

multiplayer game geek tee t-shirt gamers men black XBOX360 Wii PlayStation 3 clothing black nerdEasy! Read these 3 steps written in Perk-olator tees from Think Geek. What are the recipes saying? Recipe number 1, you need a occupy a large screen. Not just 32 or 47, 65 inches of plasma or LCD TV is a must to see the whole clearly! Recipe number 2, never forget to bring food — big portion of it. I know gaming is an exhausting activity requiring attention and agility; thus never let your body goes down by fully recharging it with soda and large size of pizzas. Oh so heavenly!

The last recipe is about focus. Never let yourself get distracted by any disturbing sound, especially when comes from prepubescents. Having your own game room is a good move, even better if enhanced with superb quality of earphone. Silence — not patient — is virtue!

Do you think all those recipes will help you win every game? You must be kidding if you said it is enough. You need extra hard work to play 12 hours day for mastering your technique. But you at least you shouldn’t worry because this tee shirt will help you to remember all you need to be a multiplayer God. Good luck!




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