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Space Invaders Alien Gets Autopsied. A Tee Shirt for all UFO fans

I know that some of you are into alien very much. Since your childhood era, Hollywood has satisfied your hunger with tons of movies. Do Alien, Predator, or Men in Black ring the bell? The latest in mind is most likely District 9. District 9 tells about other side of alien, where they can be inferior too as refugees from their dying planets. If you feel humiliated that alien refugees kick your human’s ass, it’s time to slap them back using this new design by Chris Rowson.

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Alien Autopsy is the tees you’ll need. Pictured as helpless Space-Invaders‘ alien lying on surgeon table, getting screwed by two scientists — as usual in full masking suits — this design definitely will bring glory into your uber-human chauvinism. They are not superior after all, must have some weakness in particular issue. It can be defeated, just like the way Mulder and Scully chasing them in the classic series of X-Files.

This t-shirt can be yours with only US$ 18 on black American apparel tee. If you are searching for bigger size, it is also offered in Men’s 2XL too. And hey, you might like these funny t shirts as well.




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