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Winners Cottonable x Tolky Monkys Micro-story Contest

Thank you to all those who participated in Cottonable x Tolky Monkys Micro-Story Contest. In case you already forgot what’s going on, Tolky Monkys will release this “blue-skinned, red-nosed” character illustrated holding a gun calmly. In the previous posts, we invited you to help them to come up with ideas of what is the best name (and story) for this character.

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Many of you have participated in this contest and you’re all doing a great job. Tolky Monky has picked 2 winners which are:

  • Acuatica: Eolo, the wind catcher, written on Solo pienso en camiestas.
  • Flánagan: For the name “Bluby Birdo”, written on Raza Becaria.

They win 4 Tolky Monkys items among the new collection to be released on October. As from Cottonable readers who wrote a comment, Tolky Monkys also already picked 2 people. And here they are:

  • First Prize: Icaras, for the story of “Baldomero”.
  • Second Prize: DasBub, for the story of “Skully McBirdface”.

Congratulations for all winners! Those are really cool names. The guys at Tolky Monkys will be in contact with you via e-mail sometime during this week and I feel so excited for you.

For all those who participated but did not win, don’t worry, Cottonable (and Tolky Monkys or other sponsoring clothing labels) will create this kind of contest more often. Thank you and until the next contest!



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