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Dephect On Paper: Celebrating 10 Years of Designs

As we all know, some of the biggest influence in our life come from art, music and sport. That’s why we could relate easily with Dephect clothing designs. Dephect is a London-based lifestyle and clothing brand which sets itself apart by collaborating with artists from across Europe to produce t-shirts that fit in with its interests in underground art, music and sports scenes. As well as being a clothing brand, Dephect is a way of life for a group of friends from London with a healthy appetite for creativity.

Like this Elephant t-shirt showing the blue elephant carrying speakers on top of him. It looks good in 2 tone colors. Also a perfect t-shirt to wear to your friend’s parties. Find your musical soul in the vintage Cassette Tree t-shirt (also in 2 tone) and in the great concept of Natural Beats by Heather. Mostly, the designs in Dephect shows edgy and provocative ideas. You’d like all of their designs!

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And now, to celebrate Dephect’s 10-year anniversary, they create an event called: “On Paper”. It will feature 25 of Dephect’s top-selling and favourite t-shirt graphics as lithographic prints (£25). How exciting! Save the date: 11th – 15th December 2009 at East Gallery, 214 Brick Lane, London, E1 6SA. Be there!




  • Kathryn - 05/01/10 - Reply

    Somehow I'd missed out on this brand even though they've apparently been around for ten years. Looks super cool. Thanks for sharing!!

    • rangga - 08/01/10 - Reply

      glad you like it, Kathryn :) it must be cool to be around for 10 years!

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