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Ghostbuster (T-shirt) Says: Don’t Cross the Stream!

Do you still remember them? Suited in astronauts-like uniform and armed with laser beam gun, these four-a-friend team rocked your world in the 1980s, ups do I say 80s? I feel very old right now. “Ghostbusters”, originated in 1984, was told about four friends loosing jobs from Columbia University then create paranormal-related consulting to handle any issue with ghosts.

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Maybe this is the first ever film that manage team as a ghost slayer. As before, men is always become victim of brutally ruthless ghosts and spirits. Created by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis, we can expect new version of this series somewhat in near future.

To celebrate the comeback of this geek’s hero, tshirtbordello immortalize one quote cited from the movie, “Don’t Cross The Stream”, with the team is facing back to urinoir. The quote was first coined by Dr. Peter Venkman.

The tees can be yours for only US$ 14.99. Beside t-shirt, maybe you want to purchase proton pack and plasma containment field to fulfill your childhood dream.




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