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Eco-Friendly Tees from QuikSilver

They said, diamond is a woman’s bestfriend, but this diamond from Quiksilver is everybody’s bestfriend! Quiksilver Diamond Diablo tee ( $28.00 on sale
$14.00) is a stylish t-shirt with diamond shaped illustration on it with turquiose and pink color that will brighten up your days.

Diamond Diablo T-Shirt quiksilver men guys tee shirt organic

The tee is also environmental friendly because it made of 100% organic cotton. This slim-fitting t-shirt is also a great way to say that you’re a big fan of Quiksilver, because it has this big Quiksilver sign printed in the tee. It looks cool and will make you a proud fan.

If you love listening to some rock bands, you’ll love this exclusive T-shirt from Quiksilver collaborate with the Van Bondies.

Von Bondies T-Shirt quiksilver black organic surf wear apparel
The band formed in Detroit in 2000. They help ‘fueling’ the local indie music scene. The band’s roaring sound and raw emotion played an essential role in the resurgence of garage rock, going on to find critical mainstream success, and influencing many other artists. Check out this exclusive Von Bondies t-shirt ($29.00
on sale $14.50) on Quiksilver. The design is manly with dark colors and lead singer illustration. It also has the almost hidden ‘Van Bondies’ sign in the tee. The good news is, the Van Bondies tee is as eco-friendly as the other Quiksilver t-shirts, so, do not hesitate to grab ’em all

Other great news, Quiksilver is on ~ until today only! Click to see their special price tee




  • Kathryn - 20/01/10 - Reply

    Love the fact that it's eco-friendly but not really loving this particular design. The band tee is cool though.

  • Leon Murray - 10/07/10 - Reply

    we should always look for eco-friendly products out there to help the environment.;.:

  • Emily Williams - 20/07/10 - Reply

    we must concentrate more on eco-friendly materials and practices to help save the environment.;,*

  • Roy Nottage - 27/07/10 - Reply

    It's great to hear they are using organic tees, but does anyone know what inks they are printing on them with?

    Nice design too.

  • Lauren Stewart - 11/10/10 - Reply

    i love to buy eco-friendly products like mats, seat covers and also garbage bags'.'

  • Stevia : - 23/10/10 - Reply

    almost all of our new products these days are Eco Friendly, it is nice to know that we are concerned about the environment;."

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