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What I’ve Learned from Zombieland. Rule #1: Cardio!

Have you watched Zombieland? This B-movie has achieved lot of compliments from movie critics and even won the “Golden Tomato” for the highest user-rated film of 2009 from Rotten Tomatoes. What’s the fuzz about the movie? Combining zombie and comedy genre definitely not a easy task and Zombieland did it! Four lead casts are able to entertain audiences to laugh against the horror of zombie terror.

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Zombieland itself tells around a boy, just name himĀ Columbus, in a way of avoiding bunch of zombies that want to eat him. He sets rules that need to be obeyed in order to stay alive from any zombie attack. There are 32 rules among them, while top of the rule — rule #1 — is cardio. If you are healthy and fit enough to run, zombie won’t able to catch you because zombie cannot run fast, or as depicted in this tee shirt design, Zombies Hate Fast Food ($18.95).

Pictured as runner — remember the runner uniform in Juno? — runs in front of bunch of zombie, this shirt may mock the inability of zombie to run fast. Thus the effective way to avoid them is running as fast as you can. The shirt only available in blue background from Snorg Tees — also available in girls’ size!.




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    I agree with your Tee shirt Blog: What I’ve Learned from Zombieland. Rule #1: Cardio! | cottonable, fantastic post.

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