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How’s Life before Facebook? This T-shirt can Tell You

It’s all about social networking sites nowadays, and you can’t really remember, life without one. is trying to remind you about Life Before Facebook ($23).

facebook life hilarious Homebrewed Tees – Funny T-Shirts

Remember when you used to get updates about peoples’ lives from actual conversations with those people? When you used to get things done instead of taking quizzes to find out which spirit animal you are? There were rainbows in the tee to remind people that Facebook has taken over our lives. Wear it and let your friends know you remember when you used to fly through the sky worry-free without poking anything or updating your status wherever you were.

Other popular social network site is Twitter. Now people start twitting like crazy, they should be remind to Tweet Me like a Lady! ($20). This yellow cute little chick is here to enforce your new Twitter policy:

  1. Allow at least 10 minutes between tweets
  2. Do not post tweets that say things like “You Know You In Love When U On The Toilet & Still Boo Lovin On The Phone!”
  3. Never have a tweet appear on

Also check out more of Homebrewedtees tees about social media, like this section: No one cares about your blog ($23) and Meinspace ($17 – $20). Enjoy!

Tweet me like a lady I Homebrewed Tees – Funny T-Shirts – Hilarious




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