J!NX launched IDentity, this Spring 2010 collection

Another new collection from J!NX. For Spring 2010 they unveil several tees collection for men under IDentity sub-brand. What you need to know about IDentity, this fashion collection is deeply influenced by fantasy story, games, and literally anything related with skulls and zombie (hey, J!NX’s logo is skull after all).

Sorcery and Technology Basic T-Shirt j!nX apparel geek gamers tee apparel

Take a look deeper to each design. It may remind you to a movie, games, or any other geek thing you experience in life. Let me give you example, Sorcery and Technology design. Mage, Sorcerer, Wizard, you name it. Apparently, sorcerer nowadays not only using magic, but also technology. I don’t see any technology in the tees, but the title itself resembles the idea on how combining fact and fiction, old school and new school, traditional and modern.

RPG Battleground T-Shirt apparel clothing geek gamers j!nxThe other thing is RPG Battleground design. Woot, RPG? Yeah, Role Playing Game is something you are familiar with, game freaks out there. Whether it is Western character or Japanese character, RPG games always amuse me — in old days, really miss that period.

This RPG Battleground tees is actually part of Fall 09 collection, but it is okay if we take a look again. Depicted Conan The Barbarian-like character that uses his heavy sword, accompanied by cute but strong lady, to fight against monstrous creatures.

Most new Spring 2010 collection from J!NX are available in Basic and Premium tees. Make sure you pick the right one based on your own preference — and your pocket too. If you live near Las Vegas, don’t forget to pay visit to J!NX stand on Magic Clothing Convention. You can see tons of their collections, live. You surely don’t want to miss it, do you?



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