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Love Poem, the Geek Version. Now Printed on a Tee

Roses are red, violets are blue
Bla bla and it’s involving you

Well, the poem above is the standard framework of two lines love expression. I don’t have idea why it is always about roses, red, violets, and blue, but it rhymes with the end of the poem, you. Of course, it’s made for you, the love one, the adore one, the one that should be praised, the lovely spouse/partner.

Love Poem apparel Geek Version on a Tee shirt ladies women funny blackEnough of this thing, let’s take a look on how geek turn that expression into something more.. interesting. You know that colors in HTML code can be represented with digits of hex code. This time, they are turning the phrase by converting red into #FF0000 and blue into #0000FF. Can’t help it, it’s too geek to handle!

The t-shirt of course is listed in ThinkGeek of which also available in babydoll girl version! It’s 100% cotton with black background color with basic font in white. Regularly, the price is US$15.99 with additional few bucks for babydoll shape. This is how geek shows his deepest feeling in this Valentine’s situation!

*Also available in Men size!




  • Elton Ofsak - 19/08/11 - Reply

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for all the time. Do not stop updating this web site.

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