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T-Shirt Blogs Round Up: The T-Shirt War Vid, Buy-Tees (almost) Farewell, and Out of Print

Blake is a contributing blogger from You Design It, a site where you can design t-shirts. This post has been edited by Rangga.

It’s time for another installment of the top blog entries of the week. We have some real winners for you this week and everyone interested in the t-shirt industry will definitely want to check these babies out! 

  • The T-Shirt War Video Via Color Overload
    DO NOT miss this amazing video! It’s funny, creative, and showcases some very original t-shirt design ideas. It’s also well executed and has the potential to go very viral.
  • Feature site – Out of Print Clothing by Pop Culture Tees
    If you thought based on the name of the site that this was going to be a site featuring hard to find, no longer printed shirts, I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed. On the other hand if you were hoping for a top notch find featuring cool designs referencing literature you’re in for a treat.
  • Carhartt Spring/Summer 2010 T-Shirts by Eric Elms and Benny Gold From The Fat Seagullsummer-2010-t-shirts-by-benny-gold-and-eric-elms-streetwear-apparel
    With Designs from both Eric Elms and Benny Gold, the new Spring/Summer releases from Carhartt are sure to be winners. Check out the crisp, cool designs and don’t forget to snap them up when they become available.
  • How To Get The Zombie Look by T Addict
    Say what you want about zombies and zombie inspired t-shirts, but this trend has staying power. They exploded onto the scene over two years ago and have been going strong ever since. The T Addict has found a great tutorial to help with creating these unkillable shirts.
  • An Interview with YesNoMaybe by Rumplo
    In this interview Rumplo gets the scoop from the London based t-shirt shop YesNoMaybe. Find out what they have to say about the “Keep Calm” phenomena as well as their thoughts on staying competitive and relevant in the t-shirt industry.
  • Buy-Tees.net is winding down… honest by Buy-Tees.net
    It’s a sad day for the t-shirt blog world. Buy-Tees.net, a blog which has featured some of the best interviews and top finds in the t-shirt industry, is winding down. Hats off to Paul Baines for the great work he’s done with this blog and here’s hoping that he still finds time to post now and then.

    Rangga’s note – and this is when I came down to him offering my help. Yup, I will work together with Paul to keep the blog up. How? He will give me direction of what kind of T-shirt he would love to promote on buy-tees.net while let me write on my own style. So, please… see you over there!

  • Learn Something New Everyday – The VW Beetle Was Hitlers Idea From Tcritic
    Karl over at Tcritic has found a pretty cool line of shirts called Learn Something New Everyday from the Cargo Collective. As you might imagine the shirts feature little known facts. These are sure to be great conversation starters.
  • haunted housework gleenz ghostbuster tee apparel clothing men brown9 Epic Ghostbuster T-Shirts Via TeeRater
    I admit it, I’m a sucker for these t-shirt designs compilation lists that feature the best designs on a particular topic, especially when that topic is something as much a part of the cultural canon as Ghostbusters. These shirts are funny, creative, clever, and best of all nostalgic in all the good ways.
  • Vintage Retro Wear Seller Review by Defunkd
    Here’s something you don’t see often in the t-shirt world: an eBay seller review. Yet what better resource than eBay is available to the vintage shirt (or vintage anything) collector? Vintage Retro Wear has been offering great finds for almost ten years and Defunkd has done great job reviewing them!
  • I’m Feeling Like World Domination From Coty Gonzales
    Anything released by Google is almost guaranteed to be a pop culture – not to mention business – phenomenon. Don’t miss the new “I’m Feeling Like World Domination” shirts referencing Google’s new Buzz release.




  • Edgi - 25/02/10 - Reply

    Terrific roundup of posts – some of them I hadn’t seen yet so it was great to get the links.

  • Brewer31Corine - 16/08/11 - Reply

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