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Curiouser or Red Queen? Licensed T-shirt of Alice in Wonderland You can Pick

Not only a real Gothic girl that be able to make clothes for Alice in Wonderland theme. Hot Topic is in competitor line by bringing the entire army with its licensed gears, not only about clothes, but also tons of other things. Four pages of Alice in Wonderland goodies, surely at least one or two clothes will attract your taste. Again, I am sorry, these collections are only for women.

Here are some tee design that I love most. First one is called Curiouser tee ($22). This design really depicts the other side of Johnny Depp’s Mad HatterCheshire cat. Well, from the movie trailers, you can guest that this character is actually quite mysterious and charmingly curious. On other hand, he is fond of pranks and tricks, especially with its ability to disappear and reappear.

shirt women Disney Alice In Wonderland The Red Queen fashion V-Neck Tee

The other one is this queen, Red Queen tee ($22). I like the combination of V-neck, bleached red background, and arrogant pose of the queen herself. Truly reveals the glory of magical kingdom in the story. This V-neck tee is made from 65% of polyester and 35% cottons.  Bear in mind that Hot Topic is currently holding lower shipping charge promotion for certain period in time.

*Good thing, they accept international shipping too.



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