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How many Gaming Objects can be Found on this Shirt?

Well, this guy is absolutely passionate about his design. Created by Sean Mort a.k.a stothemofob, The Gaming Revolution t-shirt is dazzling with tons of gaming object designs.  Well not only joysticks, there are handheld game devices too. This design, according the creator, resembles the revolution from NES era to current PS3/Wii/XBOX360 era.

If the first game handheld (and its joystick) was released in 1980, this shirt may mark the 20 years of game present. If we do analogy with human’s life, 20 years old is a transition phase from teenage to adulthood, from 8-bit era to past 128-bit era, from ROM cartridge to Blu-ray disc.

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Don’t ask me why the design is made with yellow color on top of red background like a China flag, but it definitely requires patient and hard work to arrange such thing. It will be yours for US$18 from Threadless and available for both guys and girls.  So, can you count how many distinct objects captured in the design?




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  • Air Purifiers - 06/01/12 - Reply

    VERY cool!  I wish the picture was bigger so I could see the detail better…I see a Wii remote for sure.

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