A Brand New Style Of Charity from The Love Pass

What about showing your love to somebody else by giving a shirt? It’s a brand new type of charity! The Love Pass take you to do the charity through a shirt. How does it work? Check this out.

If you buy this Love Pass tee ($21), you’ll get two shirts at once! But there’s a term and condition that must be followed: you have to give a gift to others. That gift is a T-shirt that is passed from friend to friend, family member to family member, loved one to loved one, or stranger to stranger events. It means one shirt to keep, and one shirt to pass. It’s so simple!

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Certainly it’s a form of charity. And indeed, The Love Pass is focusing their program on charity. Each year, 10% of the annual profits from The Love Pass will be donated to various charitable organizations to assist them with their work. The ultimate goal of The Love Pass is to assist as many charitable organizations as possible to reach their goals. Let them know about organizations, or causes that make a significant difference in our communities. It’s really fit with their slogan, Love, Give, Pass.

Would you mind sharing the greatest gift… love?



10 comments on “A Brand New Style Of Charity from The Love Pass”

  1. skatimmy737 says:

    Perhaps an allusion to "Pay it Forward"?

  2. vogue says:


    hi, it's vogue, thanks for your sharing

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