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Put 37 Celebrity Monkeys on Your Chest

What’s on your mind when you see a monkey? A mammals? Banana eater? Or even a pet? Chop Shop Store has a different answer to that question. Contained in the Chop Shop’s mind when he saw the monkey is a t-shirt design!

chop shop store shirt apparel clothing men women sale graphic art while monster green tee

Based on the observations of Chop Shop, there are 37 celebrity apes and monkeys from film, television, cartoons, video games and children’s entertainment, so they poured it in a shirt design. And this is that super funny t-shirt design, the newest Chop Shop Store iconic design, WeVolve (37 celebrity apes) ($21), is a translation of the 37 celebrity apes and monkeys.

As we know, Chop Shop issues often iconic designs. It is a one stop shop for all like minded individuals, looking for the latest in clothing that satisfies your nerdly cravings without you having to say it. They put it on a shirt, you put it on your chest and it does the speaking.

This tee is made with the superior discharge method of printing tshirts which now allows the finest of details to be clear which are lost to traditional methods. Available for men and women in both standard and American Apparel options.

Do you recognize one of its icons?




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