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Tea Party Posters on Your Shirt

Please welcome a new line called I’m Voting Tea Party. It is a parody of some of the crazy stuff you see on posters. The Tea Party might have a quasi-mainstream official platform, but it also seems to be a magnet for far right loonies, angry racists, borderline psychotics and those that are simply grossly misinformed. These shirts are for those fringe nutjobs that make the Tea Party rallies so much fun to read about.

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All designs on the Tea Party refer to Obama, but in a different focus and a focus of interest, or rather the insinuation. Look at Obama Doesn’t Realize I Need a Missile to Protect my Family, That’s Why I’m Voting Tea Party design ($15.99-$22.99). Or you can check this tee out: Obama is Right Handed Just Like Hitler, That’s Why I’m Voting Tea Party ($15.99-$22.99), they sound frustrating.

As we know, members of The Tea Party are the people who feel frustrated with Obama’s agenda. The Tea Party protests are a series of protests across the United States beginning in early 2009; see List of Tea Party protests, 2009. The protests are part of a larger anti-tax political movement called the Tea Party movement. The Tea Party focuses on smaller government, fiscal responsibility, individual freedoms and upholding a conservative view of the Constitution.

So who would you vote?




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  • Yeziam12 - 10/11/13 - Reply

    T-Shirt – “Torch Everything American”….burn it all down.

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