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A Starfish Gets the Ride of Its Life

With all the animals swimming around in the ocean, it must be tough for creatures like starfish to only be able to lie there and watch, dreaming of the day when they can swim around like the others. Unfortunately, it’s not in the cards for them to swim. All that they can do is slowly crawl along surfaces. That doesn’t sound like much fun at all, does it?Goodjoe, JadenKale, starfish, manta ray, jellyfish, ocean

Lucky for this one starfish, he has friends who are willing to help! The manta ray and jellyfish put their heads together and thought… and thought… and thought some more. What could they do to help their friend get the experience that isn’t naturally possible? With their thinking caps on (little hats made from torn seaweed), a big light bulb came on. They came up with a solution, the one that you see on this t-shirt design, called He Wanted To Fly So Badly ($18). Boy, oh boy, was their little starfish friend happy! The jellyfish and manta ray swam for hours, giving their buddy a ride he’ll never forget. They may have been a little bit tired after a while, but they didn’t mind. They saw the pure joy written all over the starfish’s face and knew that it was all worth it. That’s what friendship is all about!

He Wanted To Fly So Badly ($18) by JadenKale is available at Goodjoe.




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