Minimalist Superheroes

Finally, this shirt has been printed at Threadless! Like many other voters, I have been waiting to see Super Heroic Minimalism ($18) by Biotwist see the light of day on a t-shirt. Unfortunately, one of the major characters is missing. Can you guess who? If you guessed Batman, then you are correct. I believe Threadless didn’t want to run into legal issues, so they passed on the mimimalist Batman. Luckily, that didn’t stop them from picking up the two other heroes. And for this, I am very happy this Monday morning!Minimalism, Jonah Block, Biotwist, Threadless, Spiderman, Iron Man, comicsWhile the illustrations are simple, you know right away which superheroes they refer to. I love how the design does not need plus signs for it to be successful in conveying that the red guys on the left turn into the heroes on the right when introduced to the middle variables. Now that I think about it, the design may actually work better with just Spiderman and Iron Man, since both characters start out the exact same. It’s a very clever and effective design!

Super Heroic Minimalism ($18) is just one of the awesome new selections added to the Threadless catalog this Monday. If you pick it up with a hoody before September is over, you’ll also get free shipping on your order!



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