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Return of The Glory of Beautiful Art on Threadless

Renaissance means reborn. This era is marked by the return of the glory of beautiful art, brilliance of thought, and literature. Donald Lim and Evan Ferstenfeld, the worshipers of renaissance, have released the results of their work through The Robot’s Renaissance ($18.00).

The robot on this shirt is told as “human” in the digital era, where all of nature had been replaced with sophisticated digital equipment. But the robot wants to restore the real beauty of nature, so he poured his desire in a painting. And this story is the beginning of Renaissance periods.

A collaboration of a couple of slick digital artist. Shared vision in the design turned out to make their design became one of the highly regarded by the community of Threadless. Stunning.

As we know, everyone is entitled to send their designs to Threadless, but only an awesome design that will be published, and it will be voted by the community of Threadless. The most votes design will be printed. And The Robot’s Renaissance is one of them.

This shirt is available in girly’s size and guys’ size on Lapis American Apparel. This tee is made with sugar, spice, and 8-color screen print, plastisol ink and a chino additive for softness.

All you have to do is immediately ordered this shirt because the existing stock is running out!




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