What’s Hiding in the Woods?

The woods are a place full of mystery and beauty, and King of the Woods ($12) by spacemonkeydr does a wonderful job of conveying this. This latest Tilteed Limited design shows a buck that is very well camouflaged in its home. When I look at this design, I get a sense of stillness but also a sense of wonder. What is this deer doing? What is it thinking? The buck’s eyes look like they’re trying to send us a message, but what exactly is this message? Perhaps we humans are getting too close to his territory. I wouldn’t mess massagemetro.com/shop/valtrex/ with a deer with such mighty antlers. Just look at how powerful he appears!spacemonkeydr, deer, woods, forest, Tilteed

Although King of the Woods is a one-color print, there’s nothing simple about the design. What I love about the illustration is how difficult it is to distinguish between the trees and the deer’s antlers. The birds are a nice touch because they add to this illusion. The gray textures in the background also help add a sense of depth in the woods, making the deer come forward and really stand out. All in all, this is a bold piece that deserves to get noticed.



8 comments on “What’s Hiding in the Woods?”

  1. skatimmy737 says:

    I never thought a deer could be creepy!

  2. Led Bulbs says:

    Really insightful passage. If you want to know more about KW, we can have a further discussion.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I really love this idea.

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  5. I agree with your Tee shirt Blog: What’s Hiding in the Woods? | cottonable, fantastic post.

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