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Anti-Eco, Think The Opposite!

Did you ever find a tee provider that look provocative? It seems rare. But there is a very controversial T-shirt provider, named the Anti-Eco. Anti-Eco using a term that impressed rejected calls from environmental activists and government to pay more attention to the environment. It’s as if they were bored with the government’s call. Take a look at their t-shirt design.

Un-Recycle Tee ($52.00). The recyclable emblem that is usually green is changed to red to indicate danger. These shirts can not direcycle. This tee is dangerous to use! What are their tees made of?!

And look at this A Little Radiation Brightens My Day T-shirt ($ 52.00). They even adore the radiation so they can wear sun glasses during the day. Are they sun lover? They’re too much!

Oh no, don’t be emotional first! Anti-Eco is a very smart idea! Anti-Eco using human habit of always thinking the opposite. So the real Anti-Eco instead invites us to love our environment. Their real mission is to provoke awarness, stimulate dialogue, and alter actions regarding the cultivation and conservation of our earth’s resources. So that we can be sure that they really love the environment. As we can read on their philosophy.

And all the Anti-Eco products use only 100% organic/recycled or reusable materials and water based/non-planet destroying inks.  Those two tees are made from super-fine organic cotton. All the tees are available in men’s and women’s sizes. And their products are manufactured in Peru.

And not only the environment, the Anti-Eco also loved you by giving free shipping! What are you waiting for? Buy this shirt immediately and love the environment.




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