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Be Cool At School!

Competition in High School is too tight so that makes us uncomfortable,and that makes us insecure. Then, what are the benefits of competition in school? Actually, there are many benefits of a high school rivalry to improve our performance in school. But once again, high school is hard.
So, to increase the competitive spirit in schools, Local Celebrity issues their new collections especially for High School students. Why? Because the design of the tee is a high school wisdom. Take a look at this Fake It Til You Make It Tee shirt ($ 28.00) intended for you to maintain your dignity in front of your rival. You can continue pretending until you actually make it.
And look at this I’m Number One Tee ($ 28.00). These shirts are clearly aimed for you who wants to be superior. If you wear this tee, when people meeting you, they will feel inferior. Here is the reason, if people know that you are the number one in school, all women will going crazy about you!
That is one of the best work of Local Celebrity. As we know, Local Celebrity has the best collection of funny t-shirts, cool t-shirts, and pop-culture t-shirts for men and women. All the products that they sell are produced 100% from scratch by them in LA.
Buy the tee, and be cool at school!



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