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Where Do Rainbows Come From?

What do you think about when you think of unicorns? I think of majestic creatures chewing on lush green grass in a giant field full of beautiful flowers on a warm and sunny day. Somewhere in there, I also see marshmallows. I think that I have Threadless to thank for that, as they have a design called Marshmallow Factory that shows how all the delicious marshmallows in breakfast cereals are made. Aside from that, I also see rainbows and a general sense of cheerfulness. Am I the only one?j!nx, rainbow, unicornJ!NX has a morbid theory of where rainbows truly come from, and it’s not a pretty picture. Rainbow Harvest by Jonah Block (biotwist) is one of their newest shirts, and it’s not something cgfp.org/buy-voltaren-online/ that I’m used to seeing. Here’s the little story from the product page, just so you can get an idea of what’s going on in the design:

“In the distant land of Skitchaloo, legends live and dreams are true. Centaurs romp and griffins soar, while bigfoots lurk and dragons roar. But rainbows are not cause for cheer, when in the sky they do appear, ’cause rainbows come from unicorns: on their death, the ‘bow is born. Initiate Jonah slew the last, so look above (and do it fast!), to see its rainbow grace the sky, as to the heavens its spirit flies.”

You can purchase Rainbow Harvest at J!NX for $17.99 – $20.99 depending on your size.




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