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BananasTees, Tees Are Made From Banana!

Hey you designers and illustrators! Have you found some t-shirt stores that understand your needs and dreams? No? Oh, you have to be excited now because there is a clothing store that understands your needs in an awesome way.  There you go, Bananastees, A brand new fashion store selling some tees with unique and simple design.

Check this Make Ideas Real Tee out (£15.00). You must have realized how unique the design of this tee. I’m sure you often experiencing the moment where ideas came suddenly without can be restrained and you don’t know what to do. Pen is the answer. When the ideas come, that will be better if you write it down on a piece of paper, with the help of pen. By writing it down on a paper, that pen will help you to realize your ideas. This tee is made from 100% cotton and…. banana!

Bananastees is the new project from illustrator, designer and t-shirt fanatic Dale Edwin Murray. Having spent years designing t-shirts for clothing companies, bands and major retailers and with a bundle of t-shirt competition wins under his belt, Dale decided the time was right to build something for himself.

Tha name Bananastees is inspired by bananaman, a British comic book fictional character drawned by John Geering.  At that time, dale had a bad day and then draw a banana while eatiing lunch. That banana had become his instantly recognizable online avatar for years and Bananastees was born!

Bananastees is not about trends, memes or fashion. Simply put, bananastees is the place for Dale to print the tees that he likes and sell them to people that like them too. Instead of themed ranges and rigid styles, bananastees will be an eclectic collection with new tees being released sporadically.  This is a very nice and sweet of banana!




  • dale edwin murray - 18/11/10 - Reply

    Thanks Cottonable!

    If you would like to win all of our graphic t-shirts simply sign up to our newsletter HERE and you could be the one lucky winner picked on the 28th November. Good luck!

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