Be Nice, because Haters Gonna Hate

There are times when one gang hates another, if not always. And when they begin to hate and scorn, they will hit you back, with their own way. It means, it will be worse. Haters gonna hate. If you hate, be prepared to be hated twice.

Since Busted Tees do not want to be hated, they issue their new shirt Haters Gonna Hate Tee ($ 20). Busted Tees wants to remind you that hatred will make you hate as well. Oh or maybe you want to be a hatee? Check out its features. You have to do some boring linear motion. You should have a ridiculous characteristic so people will mocking at you. And most importantly you must have a lot of rough vocabulary. But hey, we don’t need to be hatee or hater actually — there are too much out there, and too crowded.

Anyway, T-shirts from Busted Tees tells us that we shouldn’t hate each other. Busted Tees as a humor-themed T-shirt maker often satirize with their own way, through a humor. And we should not upset with their subtle satire because they only want people to have fun and laugh. All of their tees are made in Los Angeles in a sweatshop-free environment, so you don’t have to feel guilty when you order from them.



4 comments on “Be Nice, because Haters Gonna Hate”

  1. Haute Mimi says:

    This is a cute T-shirt we need one for the whole staff!

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