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Get this Dino a Taco!

Tacos. Sweet, sweet tacos. You are so delicious and I would be willing to name every day of the week after you. Not only will there be Taco Tuesdays, but also Taco Saturdays and even Tacosgiving Day (the idea came from that other holiday coming up later this month). I could eat tacos all the time, and I’m not talking about Taco Bell tacos here. I crave the real deal from taquerias. My belly is already happy from writing this post.

But why am I talking about tacos and sounding slightly creepy? Well there’s a good reason for that… or at least for why I’m talking about tacos. I’m not exactly sure about the creepy part, but we can skip that for now…seibei, taco, dinosaurIf you love these delicious Mexican foods as much as I do, then you can celebrate your love for them with a shirt from SEIBEI called Taco Dinosaur ($22). This design is a variation of SEIBEI’s famous Sandwich Dinosaur and is currently available in a green colorway. The dinosaur is still as demanding as ever. I mean, who wouldn’t be when they’re extremely hungry? The first time that the Taco Dinosaur was unleashed into the world, the shirts were red. I personally prefer this colorway, and if you’re a fan of salsa verde you may also agree. Yummy, no?




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    i like this design!

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    very beaultiful this t-shirts

  • Android News - 19/08/11 - Reply

    I agree with your Tee shirt Blog: Get this Dino a Taco! | cottonable, excellent post.

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