Let’s Play Relationship Mind Games!

Have you ever played Mind Games? Mind Games is quite awesome actually. There are several benefits of playing mind games, such as develop good planning, helps to increase motivation level, and promotes thinking. For all those benefits, mind game is free!

One of types of mind games is Relationship Mind Games which are played by innocent people who have very little idea how they continually find themselves in such dramas. There are several types of games in mind these games, such as “If It Weren’t For You…” (IWFY) and “See what you made me do…” (SWYMD).

In a relationship mind game of IWFY a generally insecure or passive person subconsciously chooses a domineering partner who restricts her/his activities, usually the female partner is the one restricted. By staying unaware of his or her part in the game, through the use of repression or suppression, the player’s complaints of “If it weren’t for you…” keeps her partner feeling uneasy and gives the player various advantages in the relationship.

In a mild form of the relationship mind game of SWYMD the player, feeling unsociable, becomes engrossed in some activity which tends to insulate him/her from people. In a more intense form SWYMD can become a way of life rather than merely a protective mechanism. The player may spend more and more time engrossed in work or an activity rather than relating with her/his family.

To show the love for Relationship MindGames, VintageVantage has just released their new collection, Let’s Play Mind Games (men– $6.50, women-$ 5.00). Created only for Mind Games players, this tee might help you find other persons in the street who like to play such games — and so your future opponents!



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