This Gentleman Knows how to Make an Entrance

If you happen to be someone who is fascinated by the many styles of facial hair, then you have most likely already heard of a company called Fuzzy Ink. Fuzzy Ink is a brand that offers a wide variety of beard- and mustache-related designs that are loveable even if you yourself do not have any facial hair. One of the newer designs that I particularly enjoy looking at is called A Winged Welcoming ($21).

Fuzzy Ink, mustache

As if this gentleman weren’t classy enough with his fancy attire, monocle, and cane, he even has two birds carrying the ends of his lengthy mustache. He sure makes quite an entrance even while strolling through the park. Can you imagine if you saw this in real life? I’m not even sure if I would have any words, but that’s okay because it would be a magical event that I would never see again. Talking would just ruin it.

A Winged Welcoming is available in both men‘s and women‘s cuts at Fuzzy Ink. This is one of the four designs created specifically for the Movember Foundation, and $5 of each sale is being donated to the cause in order to raise awareness for men’s health. There’s also a print version of this design if you happen to want the same design to hang on your wall!



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