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Five Fresh Milk & Eggs Tees are Here!

Milk & Eggs Co. recently dropped a batch of five new tees, and they are all just lovely! What I have always loved about Milk & Eggs is how they manage to make so many awesome simplistic designs. The designs have ranged between one to three colors, and the new shirts follow suit.

One of my favorite designs from the new line is 3D Eyes ($20). I don’t know what it is about the illustration, but I can say that it lures me in. It looks like the person behind the 3D glasses is entranced by whatever movie it is that he/she is watching. The shirt has captured my attention as much as the movie has captured this audience member’s attention.

Milk and Eggs

Another new design that I’m a fan of is Lion Pride ($20). This is, hands down, the most unique lion shirt that I’ve seen. I’ll admit that I needed the title for me to realize that it’s a lion, but now that I know, I love it! It’s also just so cute!

Head on over to the Milk and Eggs Co. shop to see all the new products. If you’ve been a fan of this brand, you definitely won’t be disappointed!




  • skatimmy737 - 09/12/10 - Reply

    Very interpretable and simple! Bravo

  • Alyssa - 10/12/10 - Reply

    cool designs!

    Wanted to let you guys know that Safetysuit is having a T-shirt Design Contest! It ends Saturday night! Here are the details-

    • Rangga - 10/12/10 - Reply

      Thanks for the info! mention/DM me on twitter @cottonable and I'll tweet that :)

  • minirockerstar - 24/12/10 - Reply

    not. cool

  • minirockerstar - 24/12/10 - Reply

    Try to get some glamourous glitter in it

  • minirockerstar - 24/12/10 - Reply

    Although i did get some cool ideas from this site

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