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Great Simple Designs aren’t Just Make Believe

If you’re a fan of typography or simple designs on t-shirts, then Make Believe‘s newest line should make you a very happy camper. Now I am not one who particularly cares for shirts with logos and brand names plastered on them, but in the case of Make Believe, I don’t see a big brand advertisement when I look at a design of theirs. Seeing the words “make believe” on the designs actually helps add more of a meaning to them.

Make Believe

Just as a little background on the brand, Make Believe is a company that offers classically influenced clothing, pulling inspiration from the 1950s. Their first line was overall much more patriotic and had an Americana aesthetic, but the simplicity element was definitely also present. What is appealing about Make Believe is how they have so many amazing simple designs that keep you yearning to see more and more from the brand. Most of their products are and have been one color prints, so it goes to show how a high color count isn’t what makes a design good.

Make Believe

Take a look around their new storefront, check out the winter line, and get familiar with this relatively new clothing brand. All t-shirts have been marked down to $20 until the end of the year.




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