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New Designs from 604Republic

Founded by the former CEO of SplitReason, 604Republic aims to be “the biggest and best place to buy hoodies in the world.” The first line consisted of many artistic designs printed on both hoodies and t-shirts. Because of this, I was rather surprised to see the newest releases at 604Republic. One main reason is that there are no new hoodies in this line. I was, however, assured that there will be more sweatshirts in the future. I wonder if they will be these designs or completely different ones.

604Republic, Alice in Wonderland, Mario, Star Wars

While the designs were very artsy in the first line, these new items are mostly pop-oriented. If this is your favorite style of artwork to wear, then you’re in luck! 604Republic has new shirts referencing things like Star Wars, Mario, and Dexter. There are also plenty of new t-shirts for all you zombie fans out there.

604Republic, Star Wars, Dinosaur, Dexter

Because these new designs are very different compared to those from the first line, I am now curious as to what 604Republic will bring to the table next. Will there be more artsy stuff or has the brand made a permanent shift to to more geeky apparel? I look forward to the day when we find out!

Many of the new products are disappearing quickly, so head over to 604Republic before your sizes run out! All t-shirts are priced at $19.



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