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Sharpen Your Imagination and Imagine!

Our live should be full of imagination taht we really need to make it colorful and perhaps cheerful. Imaginary Foundation shows us the power of imagination and the new ways of thinking. The Imaginary Foundation’s basis has been a strong sense of community, free inquiry, creativity, and the experimental spirit. Over the years the Imaginary Foundation has generated a critical mass of creative people in many different fields, for whom it’s been a catalyst for experimentation and innovation.

And these are some imagination tees. Imaginary Foundation Ladder Mens T-Shirt (Rp 377.319, 00) with your imagination, you’ll be able to reach the starry sky by using the ladder. Imaginary Foundation Mens Liquid Logo T-Shirt (Rp 377 319, 00). Let’s play our imagination. Your imagination will take you on a tree created by the splashing paints. Without imagination, you’ll see nothing, but if you have a good imagination, i believe that you can make the same painting or even beter. All those tees are made from 100% cotton and made in USA and has a small Imaginary Foundation label at left waist hem. And the part is, they are now shipping to Indonesia!



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