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What Has Pinocchio Done This Time?

Most of you probably know the story of Pinocchio, the wooden puppet created by Geppetto who wanted to become a real boy. One thing that he’s well known for is his nose; it grows longer every time he lies. Why am I talking about Pinocchio? Walmazan’s Tilteed Limited design called A Hard Winter ($12) features this character!

Walmazan, Pinocchio, Tilteed

So what exactly happened here? I don’t know the real answer, but I can postulate…

Pinocchio, Tilteed, Walmazan

If you look at the portrait of Pinocchio resting above the fireplace, you can see that his nose is super long and that it does not even fit in the shot. Maybe throwing Pinocchio into the flames was an act of kindness. Perhaps something happened that made his nose grow so much that he could no longer function as a little wooden boy, and this was for some reason irreversible. If this is the case, I can definitely see Geppetto sulking in his favorite seat as he watches his “son” perish in the flames. Jiminy Cricket, on the other hand, could be reaching out crying “Nooooooo!!”

Another idea that I have is that Pinocchio turned into such a troublemaker in trying to prove to others that he was just like any real human. He was stealing left and right and setting everything but himself on fire. This was definitely not the son that Geppetto had wanted, so this was his very last option. Sure, it’s difficult to see Pinocchio die, but if he didn’t do this now, real humans may end up in the very same predicament.

Check out Walmazan’s A Hard Winter ($12) at Tilteed and create your own version of the story!




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