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Cartoon Tee from La Fraise Makes You “Cute”, Absolutely

What will you say when you see a funny, simple, and attractive design? You’ll say “kewl!’, but what if I add another factor: in a form of cartoon? Me, I’d like to say “that’s cute!”. So far, we are always interested in every cute thing. And being cute, defines often as using some light-colored clothing or apply a certain make up.

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La Fraise‘s competition-winning designers, pasquéoz, apparently has a different way to make yourself cute by have you wearing their tee How To Become Cute Tee (23.00). This tee design offers you several quick ways to make yourself cute. In my opinion, the cutest way to is to create a shiny effect on your eyes, and sew a small pretty heart… on your nose. Done. And you’ll look loke a cute…CAT!

Sometimes, something that cute tends to be called “sexy”. And La Fraise provides another option, called sexy, by being a geek. How could a geek looks sexy? Surely there’s an error here. No, La Fraise isn’t doing a mistake, because they have a T-Toy Tee (23.00) — designed by Cib. In this tee, a geek is sexy, especially the naked geek. Naked? Calm down, pal, this is just a paper naked geek doll. If you are crazy about sexy guy, you can make the naked geek art toy by yourself.

La Fraise has succesfully mark itself as Europe’s finest  T-shirt design competition. Up to 7 designs are chosen every week from over 100 daily submissions to be printed and sold from the site. All of their tees are made from 100% combed cotton and softhanded screenprint. Wanna be cute? Go grab the tee! Oh you must be hurry karena kaos-kaos itu limited edition of 500 shirts!



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