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Wasted Heroes. Surrealism Attack to Your Shirts

Have you ever seen a piece that you don’t understand the point? The piece is more interesting than the abstract, but still poorly understood. This is called a surrealism, and this theme raised by Wasted Heroes on their tee design. The difference between common surrealist works with the design of Wasted Heroes is people still able to understand what the designer wants to tell, obviously thinking hard way!

First Wasted Heroes surrealist design is Eagle T-Shirt (£ 18.00). The eagle on the shirt is placed right in the eye of the woman. We all know that eagle has extremely keen eyesight to spot which enables them potential prey from a very long distance. This keen eyesight is primarily contributed by their extremely large pupils who ensure a minimum of diffraction of the incoming light. And what will happen if a woman has a beautiful eagle’s eyes? They will of look more and more beautiful.

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Another surreal design is on Mechanical Face Tee (£18.00). Imagine if women’s brains are made of machine. Oh, of course, they will be a-boring-robots. You know, the way of thinking and talking of robot is like… a robot! There’s nothing special on robot, if you are a real human. She can’t even seduce. Those surreal men’s tees are printed on a 100% combed cotton jersey t-shirt and screen printed by hand using environmentally friendly water based inks.

Why oh why Wasted Heroes creating surreal design? Wasted Heroes is a fresh alternative t-shirt label developed by Liverpool based graphic designer Russell Reid. Russell is the designer behind the legendary Liverpool club Circus and is responsible for their history of twisted and surreal flyer designs. Wasted Heroes’ designs are inspired by graphic t-shirts, music, and art, where surrealism is one of the most widely known.



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