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Let’s Dance, It’s Time For Hamburger Disco

When Matt Linsangan, 24, of Hamburger Disco went to Japan in 2007, no one knows that it could be starting point of self-proclaimed fashion label for Hamburger-lovers. The cause itself wasn’t because he discovered vending machine that sells Hamburger.

It’s something else that he never thought before.What brought his attention was a whole Hamburger culture over there. He found so many art creations themed around the fanciness of the most popular sandwich in the world  – from toys, pencils, candy, beach balls, CD Cases and stationary to street art. You name it, they suppose to have it. It seemed like there were a little world for hamburger lovers in Japan.

That’s when the light bulb turned on. Matt wanted to bring the love for the hamburger back to Vancouver, BC, Canada and so Hamburger Disco was born with help from other two friends, Jay Castro and Rumell Payot, both 24 y/o. The two High School friends are experienced in motion graphics and fashion while Matt himself is more into marketing.

The world “Disco” itself represents the coolness that attached to the brand — talking about bright lights, funky music, cool people, and even cooler getups.

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With the help from Jay and Rummell, two best friends in high school and long time devoted hamburger eaters, Matt took Hamburger Disco to the storm. Matt and Rummell were long time creative armies at Electronic Arts. While Rummell worked in the video department, Matt worked in the marketing department. Some experiement in lab has got their hands on some huge projects. Thus, inspired them two release the Hambuger Disco credential video on their own.

On the other side,  Jay who strengthen Hamburger Disco brand with this background in fashion makes the brainstroming session with the other two founders tough and yet fun. That’s before they  decide that one of them who responsible for specific idea (and turning it into a T-shirt by doing the dirty work). While most tee shirts in the catalog was brainchild of them, the door is never closed for new ideas. The three are always open to get pitched  for ideas and concepts from artists wanting to work with Hamburger Disco.

Riding the wave of social media — like Facebook and Twitter — Hamburger Disco is reaching as many Hamburger Lovers as they can. If not wearing their tee, at least, you can talk about what’s the best Hamburger in town. Curious what they do daily? Try doing office tour to Hamburger Disco’s kitchen:




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