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Seventh.Ink For $7 Bucks Only

Seventh.Ink is having a Spring Cleaning Sale to make more space for their latest spring collection. On this occasion, Seventh.Ink gives a special price, which is in accordance with their store name. All of those shirts are $ 7 only and this amount of money spent is for a piece a cool t-shirt. Awesome!

There some good t-shirt I’d love to recommend, such as The Last One Standing ($18.00 $7.00). This would you favorite tee if you reemember playing King of the Hill during the winter as a child, in which there could only be one left standing. The only one winner. How the blue-color tee is bringing my childhood memory to the present is how I like it so much.

But if you need something for the upcoming Valentine’s Day, you gotta check this With Love Tee ($18.00 $7.00). A something suitable to wear for V’day. If you feel like being a robots lately, due to overwhelming work or study perhaps, you will be okay as long as you still in love and do everything with love. Isn’t it sweet? :D

All of those shirts will be retired after March 31st, so this is your last chance to grab the gorgeous tees from Seventh.Ink. Wanna buy some? Check out all the sale designs here and make a purchase!


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