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Find Unique Ones at Loviu’s Store. Tee Designers’ New Fight Club!

It’s been a month since Loviu opened their unique store. Have you visited the store?

Loviu is a shop for limited edition screen printed t-shirts, where you can find new uniqe T-shirts every day. At their store, you can pick any tee you want to wear and pay for €18.00 only. A very good price! And for your information, Loviu sells only t-shirts with a unique design by the talented designers.

These are some unique tees at Loviu.


Here I show you my favorite tee. I believe that everyone will feel relaxed when the strains of music played. And it also happened to me. My Piano Tee (€ 18.00) as a form of the strains of music is very beautiful and immersing. Look at the color, and feel the relaxation given. Starting from a black box with a little white stripe, changed into soft colors and soothing sound when the piano played. This is a very beautiful and deep tee design. I can even feel relax now while writing. Can you feel that too?


See? Loviu has a very unique tee that you can pick. You can feel the effect directly. And remember, you can pick any tee and pay for €18.00 only. Go grab the men and women’s tees now and feel the unique effect.



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