Geek T-shirt Way of Expressing Your Love


Love is universal. And for proud-geeks, now one can’t stop someone from expressing his/her feel for love — not even syntax errors or event exceeded bandwith limit!

For those who missed the Valentine’s Day boat because of sick project tried to take all your time, here’s the best time to make a come back and give him/her your sign.

Stop making an excuse and start making a move, head over to Shirtcity to get your Love-shout T-shirts. If these super awesome nerdy T-shirts doesn’t give a kick, sorry to say that she/he is not geek enough to be your partner. Retweet this if you agree, but don’t kill me if I say something wrong!



9 comments on “Geek T-shirt Way of Expressing Your Love”

  1. David says:

    Pop & Shorty made the CSS to my HTML tee a long time ago:

    1. Rangga says:

      woah… I don't know which one came up first, thanks for telling me.
      Of course this kind of designs are easy to follow indeed (don't like to use the word "steal" though :p)

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