This T-shirt Reminds You to Stay Away From Corporate Rat Race

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Geez, these two tee shirts makes me sad *getting my tissue*. I’m not saying that I’m working for a big corporate right now. But having full-time job in a digital agency while I have my dream business at the other side makes me worried that I couldn’t realize my own business. It’s really hard to spare the time and too often, I don’t have time just to update this blog.

It could be worse for others who work in large corporate environments, they get sucked into all the atmosphere of get a head, get ahead, promote, promote. Everything measured by money, status and we get caught up in that. When in fact we have to figure out what we really want in our life. You know how some people regret being trapped in the situation at the end of the day.

Well I hope that ‘Unwound’ Tshirt Tri-Blend Grey ($20) and ‘Encased’ Tshirt Tri-Blend Black ($20) from Rob Dobi can always remind me to work my ass off and chase my dream. I hope you do so.



4 comments on “This T-shirt Reminds You to Stay Away From Corporate Rat Race”

  1. angryspade says:

    Always been a fan of Full Bleed, these two tees are super sick! Also those tri-blends are honestly the best t-shirts ever made haha


  2. edsaav says:

    That unwound shirt is a perfect use of a silhouette, I wish more shirts were made in this style.

    1. Rangga says:

      great to know that you love it, really!

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