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Japanese Relief Tees to Help Japan Tsunami Victims

The tsunami that hit Japan on March 11 really made all of us shocked. So far, we do recognize Japan as a country with frequent earthquakes. But the tsunami, was really unexpected. There are more than 21,000 dead and missing victims. And the worse thing is the Fukushima Nuclear accident is very worrying. Even though that accident wouldn’t like Chernobyl, but we must remain cautious.

We can find charity for Japan everywhere, of course it’s held to help the Japan tsunami and earthquake victims, not to mention Palmer Cash T-shirts that provide t-shirts specifically for the charity. All profits earned will be donated to victims of natural disasters in Japan.

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Here are two of five Japanese Relief T-shirts. First tee that I choose is Sendai ($19.97). On 11 March 2011, coastal areas of the city suffered catastrophic damage from a magnitude 9.0 offshore earthquake and the tsunami that it caused. However, in other areas, especially on the coastal area including Sendai Airport major damage was reported. Most victims are found in this capital of Miyagi Prefecture.

Another Japanese Tee is Fukushima ($19.97) where some of the nuclear reactors are broken. Reactors 4, 5 and 6 had been shut down prior to the earthquake for planned maintenance. The remaining reactors were shut down automatically after the earthquake, but the subsequent tsunami flooded the plant, knocking out emergency generators needed to run pumps which cool and control the reactors.

Somehow, we are lucky because we didn’t experience it. So it would be very nice if we could help the Japan earthquake and tsunami victims especially if you feel yourself generous enough. Take a look all their Japanese Relief Tees here and go help the tsunami victims of Japan by buying a shirt from Palmer Cash, so you won’t regret.



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